Friday, November 18, 2011

Sometimes you get just what you expect...

We experienced our first minor health issues with the goats this week. There have been a couple that are coughing and just haven't got better or worse. Then, Gabby got the runs. I called the vet and he told me to give Gaabby some Pepto-Bismol and to stop by and pick up some sulfa pills for her and the two with the cough.

I drove to the vet who is about 30 minutes away. I'm supposed to be at work so I call my boss and let her know I'm going to be late. I pick up the pills, the Pepto and hurry home. I head out to the barn to administer the medication. I start with Gaabby and the Pepto. Right off the bat, I kneel down by Gabby and put my knee right in a pile errr puddle of runny goat my work clothes. I give her the Pepto. She and I end up wearing less than half of it so I think it's a success. Now for the pill. I fight with her to get her to swallow the pill. I hold her mouth shut and run her throat. Finally she swallows the pill. I get ready to give Taabitha her pill. I go through the same fight with her. I turn around and there's the pill on the hay in front of Gaabby... How do you get a goat to take a pill and keep it down when they are cud-chewers. They can swallow it and bring it right back up and spit it out.

Finally, I get all of them to keep their pills down. I repeat this battle the next day...twice. The next day, I pick up some molasses treats at the store. I take them into the pen with me and have the pills in my hand. Esmerelda comes up and starts sniffing the hand with the pills in it. I decide to try to just give her the pill. She sniffs the pill and takes it and chews it! Ok, lucky. I try it with Taabitha. Same thing! Can I get lucky enough to have it work on all three girls? Yep, Gaabby chews it up and swallows it.

I went into this expecting to have to force them to take the pills and that's exactly what I got. What's that saying, don't assume or your goat will make you look like an ass??? Teehee. I'll try not to assume next time. What else can a goat teach me? We'll see. Any of you ever learn something from an animal?

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  1. I hope your girls are feeling better soon.I have learned if I just go in to what ever situation calm that what I need to do with the animals seems to work out fine and to have my Hubby help as little as possible because he is never calm,lol!