Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pumpkin deliciousness

Wow, where is the fall going? I especially love fall at the local orchards and hopefully soon at our own orchard. The apples, the pears, the cider, and THE PUMPKINS. I love anything pumpkin, but this year I wanted to expand my pumpkin horizons.

I brought home my pumpkins and cooked them down with instructions from my farm guru, OhioFarmGirl. The first recipe I tried was Pumpkin Cannelloni with Sage Brown Butter Sauce from Country Living magazine. I pretty much follow the recipe, except I added some sage sausage from a local farm. This is made the top 5 meals I've made so far list. It's AMAZING.

I also had a Pumpkin Biscuit recipe from Country Living magazine (seeing a theme?). It has ginger and cayenne for a little kick. Here they are ready to go into the oven:
And here is how they came out. They practically rose sky-high:

This recipe got me thinking. I really like poached eggs. Chad is our Eggs Benedict chef at Tilton Hollow, but I wanted to give poaching a try. I poached some eggs fresh from our girls, melted some Blaak cheese from Beekman 1802 on some Canadian bacon, and topped it with some arrugula from our fall/winter garden and put it all on the warm pumpkin biscuits. They were absolutely delicious. We accompanied this with some mulled wine made with cider from a local orchard. Great fall evening meal!
Ok, maybe the picture is a little pretentious, but we wanted to share it with Country Living and Beekman 1802. It really was delicious.

We are having Thanksgiving for both families this year. I'm starting to work on some fall decorations. I'm steeling myself up since we're providing the turkey or turkeys depending on how they dress out. I harvested some bitterswett and made this wreath. I like the kinda organic, primitive look. We have a bumper crop of bittersweet here on the farm, so I'll be making some other fall fabulousness.
What are you doing in preparation for Thanksgiving?

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