Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Have a Name

Welcome to our blog if you're just finding us. Thank you for making the trip if you were following us on the old blog. First, let me introduce us. We're Jeff and Chad. We're both 40-somethings living in the country. A while back, I gave in to that persistent suggestion in the back of my head that was tellimg me to move to the country....and I dragged Chad along with me. Well, towards the end he was mostly on board with the whole idea, but there was lots of yelling and ultimatums before that.

Now we're here. A beautiful farmhouse on 6.5 acres nestled in a valley, or hollow as they are called if you live in the country, or holler if you're waaay country. We couldn't be happier. If you want to read what has happened over the last couple months you can click here.

All caught up? Ok, we've been debating a name for the farm since before we moved in. A farm should have a name right? We've recieved many suggestions from friends and coworkers. I gues if you looked at the title of the blog, you figured out what we decided on. Let me explain why. Tilton comes from the original builders of the farm. We had to tilt our hats to them. We found out that the farm was surveyed in 1799! The neighbors across the road have the survey stone along their driveway. The farm was originally hundreds of acres, but like most farms, smaller parcels were carved off over the years as the family farm fights to stay off the path of the dinosaurs and the dodo.

Hollow came from, well, we live in a hollow. We included that because it's hard to describe that feeling of 'tucked-in' and cozy you get when you live at the bottom of a small valley.

Well, we have a farm and it has a name. It's time to get to farming. We have done quite a bit in the few months we've been here. We have quite the poultry flock. Beware the chicken math! Those of you who have chickens are chuckling. Those who don't are scratching your head. You start off with a few chickens. You go to TSC or peruse the farm/garden section of Craigslist and see a couple cute chicks for sale or even better, someone looking for a good home for them. What's 2 more? It's a slippery slope from having a few backyard chickens to being the focus of a special, two-hour edition of Animal Hoarders.

Well, if you're new and reading, I hope I've hooked you enough to check back. If you're already a follower, I promise to provide more regular updates. Talk to you all soon.



  1. Great name, Jeff....I love it!!!

  2. Oh, and you have a ways to go before you are a chicken hoarder!! LOL! I should know!

  3. ha ha ha ha! ok never mind... this is how you got the name! dont worry - i'll bail you out if the anti-hoarder people show up